The Fort Knox Spouses and Community Club (FKSCC) is a service oriented non-profit organization that supports a variety of activities for the social,cultural and educational benefit of our membership. The FKSCC also financially supports numerous organizations within the Fort Knox and civilian communities. Members enjoy the friendships and networking connections established through our luncheons, activities and special events. Our charitable endeavors are very rewarding to our members who graciously dedicate their time and talent so we may generously give back to the community, while making lasting friendships as we serve together.

The FKSCC is a diverse group of women and men from Fort Knox and the surrounding communities that are highly involved in the workplace and as volunteers. Our members have many different interests and talents. In the FKSCC, you are sure to find someone with whom you share things in common or to share new interests. We are an all ranks club comprised of spouses and community members and always welcome new faces.

Find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fort-Knox-Spouses-and-Community-Club/142550929088365

For more information on how to become an FKSCC member, please see our Membership page.

For our Constitution and Bylaws please see the links below (signed copy on file with FKSCC).

FKSCC 2014-15 Constitution

FKSCC Bylaws 2014 (1)