Board of Governors

Thank you for your dedicated service!

2017-2018 Board of Governors

Executive Board:

President – Christine Simmons,

1st Vice – Jennifer Short,

2nd Vice – Maria Gelperin,

Secretary – Nancy Lachut,

Treasurer – Erika Gudenkauf

Parliamentarian – Lori Sonsalla,

Board of Governors:

Membership – Erin Nonaka & Angel Faber,

Reservations – Wendy Dickens

Publicity – Andrea Dick

Community Grants – Kathy Cornelius

Scholarship –

Ways and Means – Karen Ashley & Andrea Fortner,

Volunteer/VMIS Coordinator –

Retired Member Representative – Kyu Frohman

Selected Committee Coordinators:

Holiday Bazaar –

Gold Rush –

Property Closet – Erika Gudenkauf

Historian – Lisa Cochran

Donations Coordinator – Ann Marie Reilly,

Newsletter – Lori Sonsalla,

Webmaster – John Simmons

Facebook/Social Media – Andrea Dick

Sub Club Chair – Dianne Aldrich,

Thank you to all of these wonderful members for volunteering their time and talents this club year!