Fort Knox Spouses and Community Club (FKSCC) holds many different events throughout each club year. We encourage you to explore the following pages to see which events interest you.

Monthly Events:  Luncheons are held the second Tuesday of the month from September through May and are held at the Saber & Quill unless otherwise noted in the Evite.

Fundraisers:  The FKSCC holds two major fundraisers each year. The money raised from these events supports our Scholarships and Community Grants Programs, which support many organizations on and off Fort Knox. These events are open to the public. The Holiday Bazaar is held in the Fall and Gold Rush, which is usually held in the  Spring, will be postponed until 2020.  In it’s place, we will host a Boots & Baskets themed Dinner/Silent Auction.  Please see the Fundraisers page for more information on all of these great events!

Sub Clubs:  The FKSCC also has several sub-clubs that host day-time and evening events centered on a particular interest.  Some of the amazing groups we have are as follows:

Craft Night                                     Day Trippers

Golf                                                Lunch / Movie Day


If you are interested in participating in any of these fun groups or have an idea for a new one, please contact Dianne Aldrich at